uila SolutionsFull Stack Visibility Cloud Monitoring Solution

응용프로그램 중심 고급 트래픽 분석

전체 스택 모니터링 Performance Monitoring Correlated Application, Infrastructure & Network

응용 프로그램 종속성 분석 Application Dependency Mapping Automated and gentless

사이버 위협 모니터링 Cyber Threat Monitoring Application Anomaly based Security Monitoring


  • Application-centric insights for ITOps, NetOps and SecOps teams

  • Deploy in less than an hour with no hardware needed

  • Correlated Monitoring across the Full IT Stack in a Single Product

  • Agentless & Automated Application Dependency Mapping across Cloud Boundaries

  • Application-Centric Anomaly Behavior Analytics and Cyber Threat Monitoring

  • Workload Rightsizing Recommendations for Hybrid Cloud

  • Proactively prevent problems before Business Impact

  • Generate Migration Assessment Reports in a Single Click